The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (2024)

Now for A21.2. This mod is now an overhaul and will likely not work with other mods. If you are using other mods and have errors, remove the other mods and try again.

Built on:
SCore v.
NPCmod v21.1.0.20+
Full Auto Launcher v1.2.2
Random Mainmenu Background v1.0.2
These mods are REQUIRED for Wasteland to function as intended.


Welcome to The Wasteland! This overhaul mod adds in several new items, enemies, POIs and more! Some of the changes/additions include:


Wasteland uses a progression system similar to vanilla, but with a few changes:

  • Each player is given 21 SPIFSAL points at the beginning of a game. These are for core attributes only.
  • You are required to use all 21 points in order to outfit your character to start playing. Once you use them the black fades away and you can start playing as normal.
  • Skill points are gained per level as vanilla and are used only to upgrade perks. Each perk level has both a skill point and player level requirement, which can be seen by hovering over the lock icon for each perk level.
  • Once all your SPIFSAL points have been used, the only other ways to boost an attribute level is through wearing the proper clothing items(glasses/bandanas/etc), finding a rare SPIFSAL book in loot(permanent +1 to the book’s attribute) or rare power armor statues(permanent +1 to the book’s attribute).You can gain a temporary boost using certain drug items, just be aware of their side effects.
  • Fergit’n Elixir can be used to respec and will give you your 21 SPFISAL points back. It isn’t cheap though.
  • There have been a few changes to the perk trees, with some vanilla perks either reworked or removed outright. Several new perks have been introduced, such as New Age Cowboy for energy weapon types. Make sure to check each attribute’s associated perks so you know where you wanna spend those SPIFSAL points!

New Enemies

There are several new enemies added into the game, from additional zombies to mutants and raiders!

  • There are a bunch of new zombie models added, several with multiple color variants for a good variety. There are normal zeds, feral and rad versions, even a couple unique ones like the fisherman! There are also a few cop and demo types, but they aren’t as obvious as their vanilla counterparts, so keep an eye out!
  • The wildlife has also been expanded to include mutant hounds, giant scorpions, and several pesky insects. More additions are coming!
  • Zombies are no longer the biggest threat though, as there are several new types of enemies to be worried about. You will encounter both melee and ranged versions of raiders, a hostile group who attack first and loot second. They have a few POIs they call home, so never assume any house is safe!
  • Soldier PMCs are also sweeping the area for supplies and will gladly relieve you of yours if they spot you.
  • Mutants are genetically engineered horrors that are easy to spot, but hard to kill. Early game it is best to avoid most of these at all costs, especially the ranged enemies as they will wreck you. Melee guys can be taken out with some planning, but don’t underestimate them! There is also word of some even larger behemoths that are rarely spotted in the wild, which hit like a truck and need heavy firepower to manage to bring down.
  • There are a few other enemies you might come to encounter, so always keep your eyes open!

New Items

There are also tons of new items added to the game such as weapons, ammo, foods, medical items and more:

  • There has been a whole arsenal added to the game, from melee weapons to scrap pipe weapons to shotguns and rifles. Loot or craft a 1911, BAR, Vector, SCAR, combat shotgun just to name a few. You will always have a few options at almost every tier of weapon.
  • Melee weapon options have been expanded for all types: replace your bone knife with a cleaver, or swap your club for a rolling pin. Pipe wrenches, batons, pitchforks are all available to you. And don’t forget the skull-crushing Supa Sledge!
  • Energy weapons are also available. There are both laser and plasma types, from pistols to rifles and more. There are also some bigger energy weapons as well, like the laser gat or the plasma caster. They have a similar progression to normal weapon types and have their own crafting magazine series.
  • There is a line of heavy weaponry as well, from the harpoon rifle to the Fat Man! These offer superior firepower, but can slow movement until you invest more in their perks.
  • A few new explosive weapons are available. Bottlecap mines, Nuka grenades, and M79 launchers will help level the playing field…literally.
  • You will also find a loot-only group of .50 cal weapons. The .500 Magnum, Beo-50, and AS-50 cannot be crafted outright, unless you manage to find a broken version, but give you a reason to get out and loot.
  • New ammo types for weapons been added. 10mm, 5.56, MFC ammo, Plasma cells. Ballistic ammo also has the HP/AP variants. Energy ammo has Max and Bulk versions for some variety.
  • With fire spreading being enabled, there is a lootable fire extinguisher and its ammo that is used to repair it. Keep one handy, especially if your base is made out of wood.
  • Drug items can be looted or crafted. These can be used to temporarily boost certain attributes, but can carry some bad side effects. Try and not get addicted.
  • Extra clothing items that help boost your attributes.
  • Food has been expanded to include several new Wasteland dishes. Carve up those mutant hounds, scorpions, or other critter to be able to make these new meals. Scrambled Hunter eggs or deathclaw souffles are just a few options.
  • Power Armor can help keep you in one piece. Loot only so keep an eye out for power armor stands. Power armor uses frame piece which you wear like normal armor pieces, and then each piece(helmet, chest, etc) or the armor installs into the frames like a cosmetic mod. Currently only visible in third person.
  • There are legendary versions of several weapons, and a set of power armor. These have better stats and usually unique textures. They may also provide extra bonuses or effects.

Additional POIs

Currently this mod includes a handful of custom POIs. Some are vanilla ones that have been repurposed, others are completely new.

  • Trader POIs can be destroyed
  • Mutants have taken over several run down business POIs. Keep an eye out for meatbags and cages.
  • Raiders and soldiers have occupied several different types of POIs. For now these don’t look much different than a normal POI, so be careful.
  • Several custom POIs, from the Nuka Factory to the secret Nav-Tek Research Facility. Some have multiple versions that can change what is inside. Easter eggs and mini quest lines may exist is some of these, so pay attention.
  • Radiated POIs exist in the world, and are used in Clear Radiation quests. Without either a set of power armor with a rad resistant mod installed or a full hazmat suit, these POIs will kill you quickly. Most, but not all, will have the yellow signs to warn you of the dangers.

Gameplay Changes

While some things are still the same as vanilla, some things aren’t. Here are a few noteworthy changes to be aware of:

  • There are a few new/expanded illnesses. Rad poisoning is as deadly as getting infected. Being cold or hot for too long will eventually give you a cold or heatstroke. Take care of yourself.
  • Critical injuries, such as concussions or fatigue, no longer instantly cure when using meds. It will take a short, but random amount of time for those things to heal.
  • Working versions of workbenches can again be found in the world.
  • Weapons and armors typically use their respective parts to repair them.
  • Air drops will draw in zombies. They will target the drop, so if you want the loot you’d better defend it.
  • Vehicle crafting is no longer an option. Repairable wrecks out in the world or traders are the only way to get a working vehicle. Scavenge various parts, as well as unique ones that each vehicle needs to be repaired. Each vehicle has several stages until you finally can upgrade it into a working vehicle. Wheels also cannot be crafted, so either buy or loot then, or try harvesting intact wheels you find in the world.(Ones with rims, not just tires.)
  • Picking up vehicles is disabled, except for the bicycle and minibike. Carrying either of those will slow your movement though.
  • Farming has also been overhauled a bit. Seeds require a nearby water source in order to plant in farm plots. So either get a bucket and bring water to your farm, or build an irrigation system with the new water pipes to carry water to where you need it. Water is consumed over time, so one bucket won’t last forever. Pipes have valves and sprinklers that can be used to water the area. Valves cover a smaller area than the sprinklers. Running your water pipes to bedrock will provide an infinite water source.
  • Work stations, from campfires to chem stations, now have a tools area. These are needed to craft certain recipes in the station. The vanilla workbench for example now has slots for a hammer, wire took, and fractal vise. The hammer and wire tool are used for recipes, and the vise speeds up crafting.
  • The time/day has been removed from the UI. To add it back either find a wristwatch mod, or there is a Mip Boy you can equip and then check the time with it. There are also working clocks in the world, such as in traders and then randomly in other POIs. You can bring these back to base if you want.

Pregen RWG Maps

Put out some maps Bdubyah made with Teragon for Wasteland.

There are 4 8k maps and 5 10k. They should all have the important Wasteland POIs. They aren’t the best as he’s still figuring out settings and stuff, but they seem decent enough. There are preview images in each one if you wanna see what they look like.

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (1)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (2)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (3)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (4)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (5)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (6)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (7)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (8)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (9)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (10)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (11)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (12)

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (13)

Install into the 7_Days_To_Die\Mods folder.

All mods that add new assets must be installed on server and client!

You are not allowed to redistribute Bdubyah’s mods without permission. This includes any assets from a mod, or the entire mod itself.


Just pushed an update for Wasteland. Save safe, as far as he can tell. Enjoy! 🙂


  • Game Version: 21.2
  • Wasteland Version:

Mod Dependencies:
SCore v.
NPCmod v.
FullautoLauncher v.1.2.2
RandomMainmenuBackground v1.0.2


  • Added: Powered versions of shutters and cellar doors(unlocked with craftingElectrician)(can upgrade them from wood->iron->steel like the normal ones)
  • Added: Mk.2 versions of the auto turret, electric fence post, and blade trap(unlocked with craftingTraps)(can be used to upgrade already placed regular versions to Mk.2s)
  • Added: Mk.2 tripwire posts and relays(unlocked with craftingElectrician)(can be used to upgrade already placed regular versions to Mk.2s)
  • Added: Steel darts for the dart trap
  • Added: Scout scream now gives temp debuff
  • Added: Several new rock/boulder and stump deco assets
  • Changed: Dew Collectors now produce murky water
  • Changed: Added particles to Industrial Generator when running
  • Changed: Swapped mutant hounds to use Mutant faction so they don’t aggro on normal mutants
  • Changed: Gave both Chainlink Gates 2500 HP
  • Changed: Slightly reduced chance of working vehicles spawning
  • Fixed: Fixed low HP on Atom Coupe
  • Fixed: Industrial Generator recipe called for wrong tool
  • Fixed: Industrial Generator missing its sound
  • Fixed: Some missing icons in Crafting Skills
  • Fixed: questFindCemetery pointed to wrong POI
  • Fixed: Journal tip when picking up generic vehicle parts was incorrect
  • Fixed: Chainlink double door repaired with wood
  • Fixed: Regular Drowned zombies had incorrect materials making them look like radiateds

Alpha 21 Versions
DOWNLOAD The Wasteland for A21 (1,6 GB)
DOWNLOAD Pregen RWG Maps for A21 (1,2 GB)
Alpha 20 Versions
DOWNLOAD The Wasteland for A20 (1,3 GB)
DOWNLOAD Japanese Localization for A20 (73 KB)

If you appreciate Bdubyah’s work and you want to show support, use this donate link.

The forum topic of the mod is here.

Credits: Bdubyah

The Wasteland – 7 Days to Die Mods (2024)


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