Nail Designs Everyone Will Be Asking For In 2023 - The List (2024)


Nail Designs Everyone Will Be Asking For In 2023 - The List (1)

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New year, new nails! Listen up folks, it's time to upgrade our nail designs in 2023. Whether you're rocking Hailey Bieber's trending chrome nails or trying to master the art of DIY creations, times are changing, and so is nail art. Going into the new year, the biggest ongoing trend is definitely chrome nails, whether they're metallic, sheer, or even an opaque color. Popular nail designs have always been tried and tested by some of the biggest celebrities — like Blake Lively's "antique grandma" nailsor Taylor Swift's "Midnights" manicure.Or, if you fell head over heels for the Barbiecore trend over the summer (via Glamour), you're in luck, because it's still going strong, especially for nail designs!

To help you on your quest for trending nails, we've gathered all of the hottest new nail designs that you're definitely going to want to bookmark for the upcoming winter and springtime. We'll give you a hint: There is plenty of texture to go around!What better way to spend your time than trying to master the same look, right? Or is it just us? Continue reading for flattering fingernail ideas that everyone will be asking for in 2023.

Fresh chrome nails

Whether you're referring to them as chrome nails or what Hailey Bieber dubbed as the "glazed donut" effect (via Harper's Bazaar), this design is blowing up apps like TikTok, and becoming the next big thing in terms of nail designs. Fashionistas everywhere are rocking the style in what Vogue is calling a "futuristic twist on a classic manicure." Naturally,many celebs are also taking part in the trend by wearing variations of metallic, sheer, and shiny colors.

If you prefer doing your own nails at home rather than getting them done at a salon, start by prepping your nails carefully as you normally would (filing, cleaning your cuticles, all that fun stuff), and applying a transparent base before adding the chrome onto your nail. According to nail technician and vlogger Gabby Angelique, you can use chrome powder with gel nail polish to create a shiny metallic effect (via YouTube).

Leaders in fashion and Instagram "It Girls"Dua Lipa and Kourtney Kardashianhave also been spotted sporting this in-demand nail color. If that isn't enough to make you run to your nearest salon, then we don't know what you're waiting for! No matter the season, this nail technique will definitely be trending for quite some time, so you might as well join in on the fun while you still can.

3D nail art

Have a little fun this year with your nails by adding some 3D nail art! This design is all about adding a little extra bedazzle to your nails rather than donning the same old boring manicure. Although gel or acrylic 3D designs seem a bit risky and high-maintenance at first, it's totally possible and doesn't damage your nails as much as you may think, according to celebrity nail artist Julie Kandalec (via

The process simply includes a building gel or acrylic that helps sculpt and mold different designs and shapes onto your nails (via YouTube). In October 2022, Megan Thee Stallion rocked a haunting nail design for Halloween that included a silver metallic shine with miniature 3D skulls on each nail (via Allure). Seriously, it doesn't get any more creative than that!

Nail artist Natalie Minerva, who has created plenty of iconic nail designs seen on HBO's "Euphoria," toldRefinery29that 3D art is taking over the nail world by storm and that people are becoming more open to trying different styles."I think people are being more exploratory with nail art in general," Minerva explained. "In my early years, I was really trying to push boundaries and I don't think people got it. It's not like you keep them forever. You keep [the art] on for two to three weeks — express yourself. It's like a tattoo, but it's not permanent." It's confirmed: 2023 is the year to experiment with nail textures for sure!

Barbiecore nails

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It's official: Barbiecore isn't going anywhere! Who said you can only keep up with this trend during the summer?Luckily for us, it's viral all year round and is expected to keep going strong into the new year.If you aren't familiar with Barbiecore and all its glory, it's basically an aesthetic solely centered on all things pink, whether that's clothes, shoes, bags, pants, or nails (via People). Surrounding the hype of the upcoming 2023 movie "Barbie" featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, Barbiecore took off and went instantly viral throughout the summer of 2022.

A number of celebrities jumped in on the trend, including stars like Selena Gomez, Megan Fox, andKim Kardashian. The aesthetic is fun, bubbly, feminine, and super easy to participate in. Make your nails extra special by adding jewels or sparkles here and there, and you've got yourself the perfect Barbie-inspired nail set!

Naked nails

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Now this nail trend is definitely a lot more natural than the rest, but a classic look never goes out of style. If nail designs with immense amounts of textures and designs are a tad intimidating for you, consider an all-natural look — it's simple, traditional, and super easy to maintain. Using an opaque, clear nail polish color allows you to fully focus on your nail care."A lot of girls are just really rocking that naturalist swag," manicurist Arlene Hinckson told Oprah Daily. Simply pick a sheer, neutral color of your choice and apply a clear top coat, and voila, you've got yourself a perfectly natural "naked" nail look.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Juanita Huber-Millet,founder of London's nail bar chain Townhouse, explained the importance of nail care to pull off this trend."This trend starts with a super clean and minimal manicure, focusing on impeccable cuticle work and finishing with the nail plate buffed to perfection to the customer's preference — shiny, satin or matte-look."Emma Robertsis one actor who has confidently shown off this naked nail trend.

Airbrush nails

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Listen, we know airbrushing may seem like a thing of the past, but it's truly coming back in terms of nail designs.As long as low-rise jeans never make a comeback, then we should be okay!According to PopSugar, airbrush nail art was super popular back in the '80s, and '90s, but officially began taking off again in 2021. Now, as we approach 2023, the style is more in trend than ever, but in a more chic, minimalist way. If you're not into bright graffiti colors, then this modest style may be for you.New York City-based nail artist Naomi Yasuda confirmed with Allure that the trend is officially coming back in style saying: "Air brush art was huge back in the day, and now it's coming back around again."

The best way to achieve this look is by getting your nails done at a salon; otherwise, you'll have to purchase your own airbrush gun. If you're up for the DIY challenge, there are a few expert tips to aid you. According to nail artist Hannah Lee, after prepping your nails, add a base coat and then begin airbrushing. You can also apply some fun designs to solidify the look with the airbrush gun. "I love doing cute hearts and stars — the best and easiest way to achieve that look is to use stencils," Lee said (via PopSugar). "Apply the stencils to the nail then begin to spray the paint."

Nails with little accents and details

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Want to add some fun nail art to your nails the next time you go to the salon but don't want to break your wallet in the process? Yes, us too! Patterns and designs are all fun and games until it's time to pay for your visit at the end of your trip to the salon. Try giving your nails the extra oomph they need by adding small accents to one or two nails to make your set look even more glamorous. Accent nails are a way to customize your look with an extra sparkle by adding contrasting colors or jewels to make certain fingers stand out amongst others (via L'Oréal Paris USA). For example, paint one nail a pop of color while the rest of your nails are black, or add shimmery sparkles to one finger on each hand to give your manicure contrast. However you go about it, accent nails are a fun way to be creative and experiment with different designs on a budget.

Not only are accent nails always trending, but they are also easy to do yourself if you don't want to spend time at the salon. Prep and paint your nails as you normally would, and choose your accent to make a statement. People typically add accents (such as jewels, sparkles, etc.) to their ring finger, or even their thumbnail, whichever you like best!

Textured nails

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By now, we've seen a pattern that 2023 nail trends are all about adding texture. Whether you want to add fun accents to your nails or glitter so sparkly you can see your reflection, then textured nails are the way to go. Textured nails were a hot trend during the summer, and can still be popular in the winter season and new year. In an interview with Coveteur, nail artists Jessica Tong and Brittney Boyce discussed the beginning of the trend becoming viral and why so many people fell in love with adding these incredible designs to everyday nails. Tong claimed that many people wanted to add more "flare and flash" to their design, and Boyce added how it can be done with "cool beading, hardware accessory, or gorgeous embroidery." This technique can be achieved with layers of glitter, embellishments added onto your nails, and metallic textures.

Adding texture is super easy, according to nail expert Elle Gerstein (via Allure)."Matte [nails] and shiny options in nail polish and gel make it easy to achieve the layered texture look for DIYs," Gerstein said. The best part of nail art is that you can make it into anything you want it to be.

Satin nails

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As we mentioned, since the biggest nail trends of 2023 are all about texture, it's time for us to introduce you to satin nails — the design that quite literally looks like actual satin fabric. If you thought this couldn't ever be possible, think again! Satin nails are made to look exactly what they sound like; sheets of silk, giving that milky, wavy texture. The silk nail trend is practically a mix of metallic and chrome nails all in one, so you are basically hitting three different trends at the same time.

The best way to achieve the satin look is by using an off-white or pearl base. Rita Remark, a celebrity nail artist based in New York,said that a specific topcoat can allow you to achieve this iconic look (via InStyle)."Adding a matte topcoat on top of any shade has a transformative effect," Remark explained. "Over metallic, it looks steel. Over cream, it looks velvet. Over pearl, satin. This finish will be trending all year." Between velvet nails, metallic, and now satin nail designs, we are fully ready to enter the new year with plenty of screenshots to show our artist at the salon.

Classic red nails

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Yet again another nail color that has survived throughout the ages (via Vogue) is making a comeback, and that's the vampy red nail! This look is entirely different from the neutral-colored designs and textured patterns we've shown so far because of its classic yet moody composition. Naturally, dark red is the perfect color for winter, especially the holiday season, so entering the new year with glamorous red nails is a trend that will truly never go out of style.

Celebrity nail artistSonya Belakhlef told Bustle how vampy red nails got their name, and yes, it does have to do with vampires!"Vampires have transitioned from scary cryptids to hot neighbors — thank you 'Twilight' and 'True Blood!' So any nail design that evokes a certain sexy, alluring darkness can be categorized as vampy." However, Belakhlef noted that if you are doing your own nails at home, beware of darker polishes, as they may get deep within your cuticles and leave stains.

Different variations of French tips

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Who says a French manicure needs to look the exact same every time? Whether it is simply adding color to your design or embracing the TikTok famous vertical ombré French nail, there are so many fun variations to choose from that will all become a 2023 staple. What is this nail art, you may ask? Well, theombré French manicure dominated the fall season as one of the biggest beauty nail trends of 2022 (via The Zoe Report). It'sa stunning style designed to look like a typical French manicure but combines two different shades from the same color to blend into a vertical ombré effect.

At each end of the nail tip, you should be able to see one color blending into the next. Typically, instead of light shades of pink like a classic French manicure, artists have been experimenting with bold, bright colors to fully embrace the ombré style,such as hot pinks, purples, and blues.

Preppy patterns and styles

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If you want to embrace your coastal grandmother lifestyle all year round, then you are going to love this next nail design. The preppy nail trend has officially made its way into the roundup of nail designs that are going to be hot in the new year. Whether you are trying to ignite your inner coastal granddaughter that you've always aspired to be or want to have an elegant day wearing tennis outfits and gold beaded bracelets, pair it with an equally as preppy manicure. Colors that match perfectly with this design are typically darker, including navy blue and maroon, which match perfectly with stripes, checkers, etc.

We can thank Tommy Hilfiger for these school-girl vibes. Models representing the brand during the 2022 New YorkFashion Week were seen with iconic navy and red gel nail polishes in stripes designed by nail artist Naomi Yasuda, giving that effortless, classy look many of us strive to achieve (via Coveteur).

Velvet nails

This next nail design is perfect for any season, especially during the holidays as you attend parties and family gatherings. Allow us to introduce you to velvet nails: the hot new trend that is the perfect alternative to chrome and metallic shiny nails. Also referred to as "cat eye nails" (via Allure), velvet nails offer a different texture that is unlike any other. Seriously, it looks almost too much like fabric. Nail artist Hannah Lee toldAllurethat the velvet effect is "magical" and that the illusion gives off a very magnetic look.

The trick is to use a nail polish that is shimmery in order to give your fingers that sleek velvet style we are all falling quickly in love with (via PopSugar). According to Glamour, velvet nails first went viral after Los Angeles nail artist Amy Le dropped a "velvet look" style on her Instagram page breaking the internet, and the rest is history!

Not only is this trend one that will live on throughout the entire new year, but it is also beyond easy to DIY. Glamour reports that using magnetic gel polish or nail powder is the perfect way to achieve this look. Just apply your coat at the base of your nails, and buff the powder onto each finger until you begin to see the shimmery effect. The key is to give the illusion that light is bouncing off of your nails, so continue the process until you get your desired results.

Molten metallic nails

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Thanks to Dua Lipa, we have a new nail art to fully obsess over and make our entire new personality. Lipa is known for achieving many fun and different nail designs that are always catching our attention, so it's no surprise that she introduced us to this new look: molten metallic nails.

According to Beauty Crew, Lipa took her glossy nails to a whole new level by adding an extra layer of metallic to give her nails the ultimate futuristic shine — one that will most definitely re-emerge in the upcoming year. Truth be told, these chrome claws are anything but basic, and according to Who What Wear, molten metallics are the next best thing."Melted metallics and iridescent silver finishes give an out-of-this-world, virtual-reality feel to nails," said Samantha Kendrew of Mii Cosmetics. If you are looking to add extra texture to your nails, this is definitely the way to go!

Matte nails

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Although glossy and metallic nails took 2022 by storm, matte nails will forever be iconic and one of the trends that will continue to live on. Matte nails are great if you aren't fully obsessed with the glossy or metallic finish trend, and can be accomplished in various different shapes, styles, and colors. Especially during the cold months, matte nail designs are a perfect substitute before transitioning into the spring. Mimi D, a celebrity manicurist for trendsetters like Kourtney Kardashian, told The Zoe Reportwhy matte nails continue to be in style."Matte nails are super trendy right now because of the different ways it affects all kinds of colors," Mimi Dsaid. "A matte topcoat almost instantly adds texture to a variety of polishes. ... If you add a matte topcoat to a magnetic polish, it gives it a velvet texture. The same also applies to a shimmery polish."

Not only is the design super cute, but it's also incredibly easy to DIY at home. According to Byrdie, some easy ways of giving yourself sleek matte nails include mixing your nail polish with baby powder, buffing your fresh manicure for a more textured style, using a facial steamer on your nails to eliminate the glossy shine, or the easiest solution, purchasing a top coat that is used specifically for matte nails.

Nail Designs Everyone Will Be Asking For In 2023 - The List (2024)


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