[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (2024)

Find the perfect spot to build your fortress.

In 7 Days to Die, killing zombies is only half the struggle. Whatever map you choose should have a good balance between cities, traders, biomes, and zombies to give you the tools you need to survive the hordes. Below are the Top 15 seeds that are compatible with the latest release, Alpha 18.


[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (1)An overview of the Rosebud map seed

Lumberjacks in this game suck. If you want to keep your distance, Rosebud only has a small corner for the snow biome.

  • Every biome has its own place in the world
  • Over 10 cities to explore
  • Very small snow biome in the north

14. I am adrift in a sea of madness

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (2)Even the best chicken can't outrun a rifle

Build the best zombie fortress you can. This map has tons of flatland, making it easy to build huge castles and destroy the zombie hordes.

  • Tons of cities spread out evenly
  • Mostly forest and plains biomes
  • Limited bodies of water

13. Death is not an option but is a reality

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (3)An overview of the map seed with a largebody of water

If you’ve ever dreamed of building a base over the water, this is the map to do it. The islands in the large body of water can be easily fortifiable against the zombie sieges.

  • Huge body of water in the middle of the map
  • Every biome is easy to get to
  • Smaller cities with less flat land

12. Tinman

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (4)Find zombies in every city of Tinman

Looking for lots of cities? Tinman has you covered. Set-up shop in one of the many buildings on this map seed.

  • Tons of buildings and cities
  • Smallest map size evenly spreads out the cities
  • Limited water for more building area

11. StrangeMistress

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (5)Lumberjack zombies are the worst, but an island is a swim away

Living on the mainland can get dull. When that happens, swim on over to one of the four islands on the outside of the main map and gift yourself the luxury of a private island. Just watch out for the blood moon horde every 7 days.

  • Four islands just outside the main map of different biomes
  • Cities mainly in the forest and wasteland biomes
  • Snow and desert biomes lack cities

10. ZombiesStoleMyBike

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (6)Hey look, the zombie who stole my bike!

The wasteland and burning forest biomes are practically non-existent in this simplistic map. The forest biome holds the largest city. Head north to reach the lumberjack-filled snow biome. Ride your bike south and try to survive the hot desert days and cold nights.

  • Mainly forest, desert and snow biomes
  • Huge cities in the forest biome
  • Many bodies of water in the forest biome

9. Fallout 7

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (7)Army zombies are everywhere in Fallout 7

Prepare yourself for the hordes of army zombies. Fallout 7 has tons of army locations and a city filled with plenty of houses to spend the night.

  • Army soldiers, barracks and camps galore
  • A large city with a factory and bomb shelter
  • Suburbs around the main city with tons of houses

8. Meatgrinder

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (8)Every floor is dangerous in this building

After blowing yourself up on the mines surrounding the military bases, head over to the huge pharmacy building to patch yourself up. Just keep an eye out for those special infected zombies hiding in the corners.

  • Plenty of army bases
  • 4 traders all in the same area
  • POIs are plentiful

7. Freeton

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (9)The traders won't want to trade with this zombie

Set yourself up for tons of trading with Freeton. Pick one of the 6 traders around the large middle city and get the best deals of the day.

  • Flat lands perfect for building a big base
  • 6 traders surround the middle city
  • Balanced biomes

6. Metropolis

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (10)One of the cities of Metropolis

You’ll never have to worry about finding a city with the Metropolis seed. With at least 25 cities, this map can keep you exploring for hours, especially with the unique road system.

  • At least 25 cities to explore
  • Snowflake-shaped road system
  • Each biome is easy to get to with plenty of cities

5. Trader Jen

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (11)One of the traders in Trader Jen

If you’re looking for a hilly and mountainous map, this is the one for you. At least 5 traders are near each other in the middle.

  • 5 traders near the center
  • Forest and snow biomes dominate the map
  • More hills and mountains can make for difficult and unique base building

4. 314156

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (12)Trader Joel, at your service

For another map full of traders, this one has 3 traders all near a large forest city. Whether you make your home in the heart of the city or outside, one of those traders is bound to have that final minibike piece.

  • 3 traders near a major city
  • Plenty of POIs
  • Many Shotgun Messiahs and other shop buildings

3. Glueless

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (13)No zombies are a match for a Molotov

Fight your way through the boundless cities in this unique seed.The wedge-shaped biomes are easy to navigate and the two traders in the middle will make your selling dreams come true.

  • Tons of cities
  • Wedge-shaped biomes, including a city with three biomes
  • 2 traders around 50 yards from each other

2. Astora

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (14)The largest city in the wastelands of Astora

Traders across the street from each other? Check. This map is home to a variety of biomes and cities around every corner.

  • Even distribution of biomes and cities.
  • 4 traders in the middle of the map.
  • Largest city located in the wasteland biome.

1. Billion Dollar Club

[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (15)No zombie will take over your home in Billion Dollar Club

This map has got it all: well-distributed cities and biomes, 6 traders, and just enough water to keep things interesting.

  • At least 9 large cities with lots of smaller towns
  • 6 traders throughout the map
  • Dominated by the forest biome

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[Top 15] Best 7 Days to Die Seeds (2024)


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