How to Recover a Missing Transaction on Binance? (Wrong Memo) (2024)

In this guide, I’ll show you how to recover a missing transaction on Binance, including a wrong memo or lost transaction. This will include if you’ve sent your crypto using the wrong network from Binance. Or if you’ve forgotten to add a memo or tag when depositing into the Binance exchange.

Are your Binance missing funds, or have you sent a transaction in error with a missing memo? Sometimes, even those who have been around crypto for a long time (or even teach people how to use these platforms like me) make mistakes…we’re only humans, right? So, what if you’ve sent a transaction to or from Binance, and within a few minutes, they don’t arrive?

The first thing you’ll feel is that sinking feeling that you’ve lost your funds, and this “could” still be the case. However, there “might” be a way to recover lost transactions on Binance!

How do you Recover Missing Transactions or Lost Funds on Binance?

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1. How to Retrieve Binance Deposits with Missing Memo or Tag?

After sending BNB to Binance Exchange, I forgot to include the memo tag. It’s essential to include the correct memo or tag when interacting with the Binance Chain. Otherwise, the withdrawal or deposit won’t be complete. So, how do you resolve the Binance missing or wrong memo issue?

Luckily with Binance, you can recover your transaction and ask for the funds to be returned for a small fee.

  1. Head across to your Binance Account.
  2. Go to your wallet and then to FIAT and Spot (Deposit & Withdraw).
  3. You’ll see a link for deposit withdrawal history in the top right corner.

Here, you’ll find any recent deposits or withdrawals that have been completed. But if yours isn’t appearing, click the link stating the Deposit hasn’t arrived. Click here

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  1. This is where you can enter your Transaction ID or Hash to find out the progress of your deposit.

With the Trust Wallet, you can find this transaction ID from within your wallet by clicking on the token’s name, viewing a transaction, and clicking “More details”. This will open the Binance Chain Explorer, where you’ll find the transaction hash.

In the above example, you can see that I transferred 0.023915 BNB. However, the MEMO only included the number “108” and not the six digits as required. From this screen, you can copy the transaction hashand paste that back over on Binance, where you’ll receive a message letting you know the problem.

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If (like me) you didn’t add the memo or make a mistake, you’ll have the option to “Recover Now”. It states that to maximize the security of your assets, they will be returned to the source address once retrieved.

From there, you need to enter the token type, the sender address, which you can take from back over from BSCscan, the amount, and the hash we copied earlier.

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Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll then be able to submit it and pay a small fee, which, in this example, cost me 0.0025 BNB (which, at the time, was about $1.00).

Binance stated that it could take 5-7 working days. However, for me, it took less than 24 hours. Then, once your funds are returned to your original wallet, you can resend the transaction… this time including the memo correctly!

But what if you’ve accidentally sent crypto to the wrong network within Binance?

2. Withdrew from Binance on the Wrong Network?

If you’ve sent Ethereum tokens to Binance Smart Chain or sent Binance Smart Chain tokens via the Ethereum network, you “should” be able to retrieve them.

However, this will depend on the below and the type of wallet you’ve sent them to;

  • If you sent the tokens to a wallet that supports BSC and Ethereum.
  • Send the tokens to a wallet that only supports either BSC or Ethereum, and you have access to your private keys.
  • Send the tokens to a wallet or crypto exchange, and you don’t have access to your private keys.

Please note: If you’ve deposited into Binance (and not out) on the wrong chain, these methods won’t work.

How to Recover Funds Sent to a Wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum.

If your tokens have been sent to a wallet that supports both blockchains, it should (in theory) be pretty easy.

In this example, we’ll imagine that we’ve incorrectly sent USDT to the Ethereum blockchain. USDT is supported on multiple chains, including Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. We’ll be using Metamask wallet, where you can choose to “Add Token” at the bottom of the main screen. This will essentially allow our chosen wallet to scan for the lost token.

From here, you can search for the token if it’s available in the list, or you will need to add the custom token. This will include adding the token contract address, which you can get from the likes of Coinmarketcap or CoinGecko and searching for the token.

Once the token is added, you should see your lost tokens in your wallet balance. You have two options from here: use the Binance Bridge to convert your tokens or the manual method.

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How to Use Binance Chain Bridge?

Binance Chain Bridge is an easy-to-use tool for converting your assets between blockchains. You must connect your wallet and choose the asset you want to bridge. Don’t forget that you will needBNBto pay for GAS fees on BSCor ETH for Ethereum.

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How to Manually ConvertCrypto Using Binance?

If you want to manually convert your tokens instead of using Binance Bridge, you must return your crypto assets to Binance.Just make sure that when sending your tokens, the deposit network in your Binance Spot wallet matches the network your token is currently on.

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We deposited USDT back to Binance Exchange on the Ethereum ERC20 network in this example. Once the USDT is on Binance Exchange,we can convert it to BEP20. We do this by withdrawing USDT using the BEP20 Binance Smart Chain network.

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How to Recover Crypto Sent to a Wallet That Only Supports Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum

If you sent your tokens to a wallet that ONLY supports Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum, you’ll need a non-custodial. This is where you’ll have access to your private keys (or your seed phrase). This is because you’ll need to import these into a new wallet that does support both blockchains.

When you import the private keys essentially, it’s like restoring your wallet; a complete copy of your wallet will then be accessible from the wallet you import into.

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Exporting your private keys will depend on the wallet that you are exporting from. Once you have exported your private keys, you can find a wallet supporting BSC and Ethereum. In this example, we’re looking at importing our keys into MetaMask, but you could also use the Trust Wallet as another option.

If you haven’t already got a Metamask account and are creating a new one, you can import your old wallet’sseed phrase on creation.

If you already have an account, click the MetaMask circle icon in the top right & choose “Import“.

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You can enter your private keys into the field shown, which applies to the missing crypto. Then choose “Import”.

Once you’ve imported your private keys, you must set up the Binance Smart Chain (if not already). I’ve got a BSC to MetaMask tutorial you can follow for this. However, you’ll need to add the network and data to do this.

Once set up, you can follow the steps we just followed for tokens that have been “Sent to a wallet that supports Binance Smart chain and Ethereum“.

3. How to Recover Crypto Sent To a Custodial Wallet

The final way is if you are trying to recover your transaction from a custodial wallet or an exchange such as Coinbase. In this case, you must contact the wallet’s custodial holder.

Some custodial wallet providers may help for a fee or allow you access to your private keys.As in the previous step, you can import the private key into a supporting wallet. However, just be aware that most, including exchanges, will unfortunately not be able to provide you with your key.

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How to Recover a Missing Transaction on Binance? (Wrong Memo) (2024)


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