Barndominium Interior Designs For Adventurous Country Living (2024)

By Emily Medlock

Barndominium Interior Designs For Adventurous Country Living (1)

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Barndominium Interior Ideas

Barndominium Black Architecture

Buying A Barndominium Kit

Metal sidding for barndominium

Concrete floors mudroom

High ceiling interior design

Gambrel Roof

Barndominium with wood beams

Features Of A Barndominium

Why Get A Barndominium

What Is A Barndominium

Barndominium home

White Barndominium

Barndominium Interior Designs For Adventurous Country Living

Barndominium interior layouts offer many benefits. If you want a barn-style home, but you don’t want to spend the money, a barndominium could be the answer. As the tiny home craze continues, people have neglected the barndominium option.

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You can live in an RV, aduplex, or build a house. However, barndominiums offer something unique. We’ll show you everything you need to know about this home design style. And when we’re done, you’ll be inspired to start a new way of living.

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With so many ways to live, it isn’t easy to decide what is best for your lifestyle. After all, it could be a barndominium that is the answer to all of your hopes and dream for your living situation.

What Is A Barndominium?

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The term “barndominium” has been used for a few years to describe a few different things. It has been used to describe a house that resembles or was previously a barn. But the exact definition is zoning in.

Today, a Barndominium home is a pre-built steel building that is a type of modular home. Like other modular homes, the pieces are constructed off-site and they are put together where the home will be lived in.

You may have already guessed this but the word barndominium comes from the two words: “barn” and “condominium.” They are named after these two words primarily for cleverness and appeal rather than being fashioned after a condominium.

Why Get A Barndominium

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Barndominiums are great for a lot of reasons. Not everyone likes barndominiums but everyone can agree that these are great reasons to get this type of home. Or any type of home. Who can argue with these?


Although they aren’t the cheapest option as far as homes go, they aren’t expensive either. Because you purchase barndominiums as a shell, you can get one for quite a good deal. Then you can finish them out with cheaper materials.


Barndominiums are made with strong materials that can usually withstand torrential weather and years of wear and tear. They are a wonderful option for those who want a stronger foundation as the foundation is built on-site.


You can make the inside of your barndominium look any way that you like. It doesn’t have to have a farmhouse design barndominium interior, it can be contemporary, shabby chic, or Scandanavian. You can design it your way.

Easy Setup For Barndominium Interior

Setting up a barndominium is really easy. You need to have a team on hand to take care of it for you but the cost of labor is affordable because the setup is so easy. Ever heard of a barn-raising? It’s about like that.

Pest Control

Because it is constructed out of metal and concrete, a barndominium is virtually pest-proof. From skunks to termites, there aren’t many pests that will bed drawn towards nor make it into your barndominium.

Features Of A Barndominium

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Barndominiums have their own set of features that make them unique. Not all of these features are exclusive to a barndominium and not all of these have to be in a barndominium. This is simply what is seen in most barndominiums.

Barndominium Interior Open-Concept Floor Plans

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When you buy a barndominium, it is built without any interior walls. Most of the time, people like to keep the barndominium as open-concept as possible to keep a good flow.

This doesn’t mean you can’t build any walls. It just means that load-bearing walls are naturally kept to a minimum. Open-concept homes are trending and will be because they offer great flow and freshness.

Gambrel Roof

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Gambrel roofs are roofs that have four sides instead of the standard two. They go up at an angle and then angle in more to close at the top. This type of roof is seen in many colonial homes as well and in many homes today.

On the inside, the extra slope can be used for cubbies or for a loft with slanted walls. This adds height to the ceiling and gives a rather barn-like shape to the home, hence the barndominium name attached.

High Ceilings

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Yes, the tall ceilings are a given with gambrel roofs but even without them, it’s important that barndominiums have tall ceilings. This is one of their defining features and what makes them what they are.

This is true for many open concept homes. Because opening the ceiling up also opens the floor up. It isn’t only up to floor space to make the home look bigger. And it’s important that barndominiums look large inside.

Concrete Floors

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Although you can use the concrete floor built in a barndominium as a subfloor, most people choose to leave it and use it as their main floor. The floor can be painted, stained, or simply sealed to leave it natural.

Concrete floors can be some of the best floors you’ll ever have. They are solid, durable, and can look any way that you want them to. Concrete floors should never be left out of your possible flooring options.

Metal Siding

Barndominium Interior Designs For Adventurous Country Living (25)

Metal siding is a must for a barndominium. There are other options available but unless you have metal siding, it may not be considered a barndominium anymore. But there’s nothing wrong with either.

Metal siding is strong and durable. It may rust if you don’t get the right type of siding, but in general, it will last a lifetime. You can get any color and multiple different textures that are made for house siding.

Barndominium Kits

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Barndominium kits can be purchased almost anywhere in the world. It’s better to buy from a local supplier because shipping can be very expensive since the materials are so heavy. After all, you are essentially transporting a house.

Not all barndominium kits are used for houses. Originally, these kits were used for car shops, workshops, churches, dance halls, and other recreational activities. Today, they are often used for homes too.

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Kits are a great way to save money on barndominiums because the plans are in place, the barndominium is partially built, and it will go up quickly. However, even though the plans are set, you can customize them.

In most cases, you’ll spend about 50% less purchasing a kit than having them built on your property from scratch. This is the main reason people choose to go this route. But what more do you need to know about prices?

Barndominium Interior Ideas

Barndominium Interior Designs For Adventurous Country Living (28)

Now comes the fun part. Let’s talk about designs for a barndominium interior. There are many unique designs and features you can have in your barndominium, but here are a few to get you started in the right direction.

Salvaged Wood

Using salvaged wood for beams supports, and accents are ideal. This works for almost any design style but is best for those of a rustic nature. That’s what barndominiums encompass. So it’s a perfect fit.

If you can find salvaged wood from actual barns that you can add to your barndominium kit then that’s perfect. But if you can’t, you can fake the look with bleached wood or something similar to distress the wood.

Vaulted Ceilings

High ceilings are a given, but vaulted ceilings are common in barndominiums. Vaulted ceilings aren’t just high ceilings either. They are ceilings that are self-supporting. They don’t need beams or load-bearing walls.

This makes the room much more open and airy. Most barndominium kits are built with vaulted ceilings that don’t need any extra support. This way, you can build walls the way you like without working on integrity.

Fireplace Or Cookstove

Both fireplaces and wood cookstoves are perfect for any barndominium. Not only does it usually fit the decor style but it also works well with the open space and high ceilings. Open spaces and high ceilings are less likely to be a fire hazard.

Unique Loft

Building lofts can be super fun. You can turn them into just about anything that you want! use them for office space, storage, or even a bedroom. Loft rooms are fun and kids love to set up camp in them.

Barndominiums almost always have a loft. It is above the bathroom, and sometimes bedrooms because the bathroom is the only room that needs to be closed in. The other rooms can be open.


Yes, a chandelier may seem too fancy for a barndominium but you can build or buy a chandelier to fit any design style. Those with more rustic tastes prefer chandeliers made of antlers or of faded wood.

String Lights

String lights aren’t just for patios and Christmastime. They are gorgeous lights that can be used on the vaulted ceilings of a barndominium interior. They can also be strung under the loft for a lower option.

There are many different types of string lights that you can buy. Fairy lights work for a softer look while large bulbed lights work for a more rustic look. Both look amazing across barndominium ceilings and walls.

Repurposed Furniture

Repurposed furniture is great for any barndominium interior. Sure, it works for any type of house at all, but it works especially well for this style of home because it has the natural farmhouse feel to it, to begin with.

There are many markets around that you can shop at. Or, you can visit an online furniture thrift store that has amazing deals on barndominium interior furniture that you will fall in love with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is The Average Total Cost Of A Barndominium?

Barndominiums cost on average $160,000. To put this in perspective, the average US home price is $375,000.

What Are Some Negative Aspects Of A Barndominium?

Some people don’t like their wide, open floor plans. Also, a barndominium relies heavily on load-bearing walls. If you neglect this trait, you will end up with a poorly built structure.

Are Barndominiums Good In Cold Weather?

The homes were made for colder climates. The home style takes its inspiration from the igloo, so that should tell you something about how the home-style can withstand cold weather.

How Long Will A Barndominium Last?

If your barndominium was constructed with high-quality materials, then it could last a long time. Structures made with the best materials can last over 100 years.

How long does it take to build a Barndominium?

It takes three to seven months to build a barndominium.However, and just as it is with all construction projects, the time required to build a barndominium depends on its size.

Barndominium Interior Conclusion

The barndominium life might be the thing you’re looking for. There’s nothing stopping you from building your dream barndominium. If you have a metal shed, you can turn it into a cool barndominium living space.

Install sturdy farm doors to the front, and add some spray foam insulation, and you would be fine.

Barndominium Interior Designs For Adventurous Country Living (2024)


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