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What are False Ceilings?

A false ceiling is a secondary ceiling hung below the main structural ceiling. Also known as drop ceilings, grid ceilings and suspended ceilings, false ceilings originally originated for aesthetic purposes. Today they are used extensively across residential and commercial projects for an array of purposes.

False ceiling designs have the potential to completely revamp a room giving it a great look and feel. If you’ve ever walked into a room and been blown away by the appearance of a ceiling or the acoustic quality of the space, chances are, you came across a false ceiling design. Usually hung and held together by suspension wires or struts, false ceiling designs are an efficient way of giving your room an elegant aesthetic and adding an attractive focal point to your interiors.

Livspace offers a quick look at everything you’ll need to know about false ceilings and how you can get started on crafting the perfect false ceiling design for your home.

Benefits of False Ceilings

Camouflage Wiring

Loose wiring and fittings can look unpleasant and give your ceilings a cluttered appearance. One of the major benefits of getting a false ceiling design done is that it can camouflage electrical wires, fittings, ducts and plumbing effectively while allowing space for easy fixes and maintenance.

Acoustic Benefits

Drop ceiling designs are great for acoustics and can help reduce outer noise from seeping into the space. This can make your rooms comfortable and quiet.

Better Air Conditioning

Did you know that your air-conditioning performance can improve with modern false ceiling designs? These designs reduce the space in ceilings, thereby increasing air-conditioning performance and helping you save on your electricity bill!

Great For The Aesthetic

The easiest way to spruce up your room’s style is to add a false ceiling design. Once installed, a false ceiling design is bound to become the star of the room. A simple false ceiling design can help bridge the gap between the ceiling and the floor, giving the room a cosier vibe, while also enhancing the room’s aesthetic appeal.

Thermal Insulation Properties

The air-filled gap between the ceiling and the drop ceiling design keeps the heat trapped and cools the room down faster during summers.

Additional Lighting

False ceilings help you add multiple light options to your room without cluttering the interior design. Instead of using multiple tube lights inside your room, you can install LED lights in any corner of your room using the false ceiling helping you save on bills since LED lights last long while consuming less energy. False ceiling designs also help you add ambient lighting to your space, giving you multiple lighting options to choose from, ex: cove lighting, and dimmer lighting.

What materials are used for modern false Ceiling Designs?

  • Gypsum Board: False ceiling designs made from gypsum board have gained prominence in recent years and are primarily known for their hydrophobic (water-resistant) and non-combustible properties. Affixed to metal frames, gypsum boards are lighter than POP sheets and come with a quicker method of installation.
  • Wood: Wood, being a versatile material, comes in a variety of colours, textures and finishes. You can accentuate ceilings with wooden beams or use a wooden laminate on one side of the false ceiling design to give your ceiling a visual contrast. Either way, nothing screams elegance more than wood.
  • Metal: Metal false ceiling designs are aesthetic, sleek and lightweight. Aluminium and galvanised iron panels are commonly used for metal false ceiling designs and are durable. When polished, metal false ceiling designs can appear shiny, which can further punctuate your ceiling and space.
  • PVC: A synthetic material called polyvinyl chloride is used to build materials that offer heat and water resistance. A durable base for a false ceiling, PVC designs are largely used for washrooms, kitchens and garages. Lightweight and easy on the pocket, PVC false ceiling designs are quickly becoming a popular choice for large spaces.
  • Glass: From using stained glass for your false ceiling to a non-crystalline material for your design, the possibilities with glass false ceiling designs are endless. Glass offers an interesting visual component to the design and is also an effective heat insulator. The transparent properties of glass can be utilised to make compact spaces appear larger and give it depth.
  • Plaster Of Paris: Plaster of Paris or ‘POP’ is a popular raw material used in the fabrication of false ceiling designs. Composed of gypsum, a mineral, POP material comes in powdered form, is mixed with water and applied on chicken mesh offering a sturdy, buildable base. POP false ceiling designs are cost-effective, heat-insulating and fire-retardant. POP ceilings are flexible and lend themselves well to different patterns and shapes.

Where can you use false ceiling ideas?

False ceiling designs can be used across all rooms, but often the why differs across rooms. Listed below are some rooms you can use false ceiling designs and why you should probably consider using them.

  1. Living Room False Ceiling Designs: If you were thinking of an aesthetic upgrade to your house, adding a false ceiling design to the living room is where you would want to start. With a multitude of options in size, shape and colour, changing the outlook of your hall’s interiors becomes an easy affair with a false ceiling addition.
  2. Bedroom False Ceiling Designs are best for making your master bedrooms cosier along with a splash of design and lighting upgrade.
  3. In a Kids' Bedroom, adding false ceilings allow you to get playful with design while driving home the benefits of a false ceiling design.
  4. False Ceiling Designs in kitchens are popular for adding lighting to the room without comprising much wall storage.
  5. Dining rooms are also a popular choice for false ceiling designs. Often created to imitate the design of the dining table, false ceilings in dining rooms help make the room a lot more personal and cosier.

How much does installing a false ceiling cost?

The cost of a false ceiling design depends on the following aspects.

  • The type of material you choose
  • The scope of the design
  • Space of your room
  • Type of lights selected for the ceiling

Along with these factors, the price also varies roughly about 10-13% across different cities. If you’d like a free quote for your requirement, you can get in touch with us. With 70,000+ homes delivered across 50 cities, we have expert interior designers that can give you budget-friendly, customisable designs, with a flat 10-year warranty.

How to Design My False Ceiling?

  • Play With Lights: Whether you are going for ambient cove lighting, task lighting or spotlights, modern false ceiling designs offer ample surface area to play with lighting design for your rooms.
  • Match It With Your Interiors: Match your false ceiling design with a striking feature in your space or on the basis of the colour scheme. If you have wooden-framed furniture and neutral-toned walls, a wooden false ceiling may pair perfectly with the design.
  • Experiment!: While simple false ceiling designs are timeless - playing with motifs, abstracts, patterns, colours and shapes for your false ceiling design can add an element of visual interest to your room. Opt for a cloud-shaped ceiling for your kid’s bedroom or a circular, recessed false ceiling design for your living room. If you prefer the rustic aesthetic, adding some wood to your false ceiling design can add a bit of drama.

What Are The Latest False Ceiling Design Trends of 2024?

Coffered False Ceiling Designs: Boxed panels are the new ‘in’. These hollow, square panels add multiple dimensions to the ceiling, playing with the illusion of height and space. Coffered panels are perfect if you want to add a theatrical component to your false ceiling design.

Wooden Accents: Wooden battens and beams give false ceiling designs a refreshing aesthetic. Wooden accents punctuating a ceiling can help give a contemporary vibe to the space, while also being friendly on the pocket (and the planet!)

Single-Layered False Ceilings: A popular type of false ceiling used mostly in smaller spaces, a single-layered false ceiling design as the name suggests has only one layer or one cut. You can add soft lights to amplify the look of the ceiling.

Multi-Layered False Ceiling Designs: Add some dimension to your design with a multi-layered false ceiling. The multiple levels help build depth while allowing better insulation throughout the space.

Why Choose Livspace for Your False Ceiling Design?

With over 70,000 homes delivered to happy customers across 50 cities Livspace is your one-stop solution to build your dream home. We also specialise in providing false ceiling installations in your home. We build with superior technology and have 146 quality checks for what we deliver. With easy EMI options, we have designs that fit all budgets. Book a free consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions About False Ceilings (FAQS)

What Is The Recommended Height For A False Ceiling?

As per the National Building Byelaws, the optimal false ceiling height should have an 8.5 to 9 feet gap between the floor to the false ceiling design.

How Can I Maintain A False Ceiling?

Regular dusting is important for hassle-free maintenance. For false ceiling designs with lustre paint on the panels, you can use a damp cloth to restore its natural shine.

How Long Does A False Ceiling Last?

A modern false ceiling design can last up to 20 years. However, regular maintenance is key.Whether you opt for a POP false ceiling or a gypsum board false ceiling, you’ll be investing in a useful and durable interior design element.

Why use false ceiling in your home?

False ceiling designs help spruce up your home’s aesthetics, help with keeping the room’s temperature cool, allow have better lighting options, keep your wires and plumbing covered and safe.

What are some popular materials used in false ceiling?

False ceiling designs can be made with wood, POP, gypsum, metal, glass and PVC.

Where can we use false ceiling designs?

False ceiling designs can be used across all rooms - best used in living rooms, master bedrooms, kids’ bedroom, dining areas and kitchens.

Choose Best False Ceiling Designs Ideas for your Home Interiors

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500+ False Ceiling Designs | Modern Simple POP Design Ideas in 2024 - Livspace (2024)


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